Remote Piano Pedal Controller


Team members: Tom  Tasker,  Atul  Gaikwad,  James  Mureithi.


This project is designed to return dynamic control of a piano pedal to someone who has lost the use of his or her legs. The technology available at this time for disabled pianists utilizes a solenoid-operated system that operates in an on and off manner–this does not allow for the subtle movements that a professional piano player executes. However, our device incorporates  an infra-red sensor as well as an on and off switch to realize the pianist’s analog input allowing for a variety of uses. When any part of the pianist’s body is moved at a certain distance from the sensor, it delivers an analog response to the Arduino/microprocessor which in turn sends a signal to the motor rotating the cam; this pushes down and releases the piano pedal. The user can also opt to use an on and off switch instead of the infra-red sensor. This switch can be placed anywhere on the body for easy use such as under the armpit or under the thigh. When pressed or released, it delivers an analog response to the Arduino which in turn sends a signal to the motor which rotates the cam to push or release the piano pedal.

The motivation behind the project came from one team member’s (Tom Tasker) friend who lost his legs due to complications from diabetes. He loves to play the piano and even offers piano lessons. 

The most important aspect of this project is the convenience it offers people who have lost the use of their legs. It will be an instant hit for military veterans who lost their legs during war, paraplegics, or any other person who has lost the functionality of their legs.


Remote piano pedal with ON/OFF button:


Remote piano pedal with infrared sensor:

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