Our team:  Andrew Taylor, Vinosha Theagan, James Seymour

A game based on laser tag designed for people in wheelchairs. The game uses devices with GPS and Wi-Fi to track each player’s position and actions in real-time.


     The residents of the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation(CPRF) are burdened with a condition that impairs their movement, rendering them unable to fully participate in activities such as laser tag. The goal of our project is to create a game similar to laser tag that enables people in wheelchairs to fully participate. The project uses wheelchairs as a standard for participation in the game as they are a common form of transportation for those with impaired movement. The project’s implementation of laser tag simplifies the actions necessary of the players to fully participate, while maintaining the core elements of the game. The project uses a server program, which can be installed on most computers, to communicate through Wi-Fi with the client devices that are attached to each player’s wheelchair. Each client tracks the position, direction of facing, and button input of the player in real-time and sends this information to the server. This allows each player to participate simply by steering their wheelchair and pushing buttons. The server monitors the progress of the game and sends event messages to the appropriate clients. It also records the scores and statistics of players to enable competitive play. People in wheelchairs enjoy games and getting outside as anybody else. This project is simply an attempt to help facilitate this.