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The wireless GPS tracker!

Senior Project

2012 Spring/Fall

Team MAR Members :

            Mihingu Wahappulige

            Abdullah Alrowaili

            Rebecca Hettikankanange



            Project MAR was to design and make a wireless emergency module for wheel chair residents to notify somebody in case of an emergency, only by pressing a button in the wrist wrap. Wrist wrap is designed with a control button and whenever it is pressed a wireless signal will be generated. A wireless signal receiver with GPS capability will be attached to the wheel chair or placed within a certain distance. Whenever the wrist wrap generates wireless signal it will be recongnized by the wireless signal receiver. This signal reciever is capable of  calculating current GPS location of theresident and sending a message to a given emergency contact with calculated GPS co-ordinates asking help.

            The need of making this kind of a module was encounted by a current CPRF resident. They stated that they are in need of a light weight portable energy saving system to notify somebody only when they need help, and at the same time they should not be monitored 24/7. Wireless GPS tracker was designed to accomplish most of these requirements in a unique way different than current options in the market. Since the GPS module activates only to the signal sent by wrist wrap, the resident cannot be monitored unless if he informes somebody. Both GPS module and wrist wrap are relatively light weight and needs a very small energy. Wireless GPS tracker is a portable with real-time responce. Capability of sending a message in real-time adds a high value to this device than current options in the market.


Introductory Video :


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