Bryan Albrecht, Tanner Doshier, Danny Nguyen

EmergiText is a standalone module attached and power by a motorized wheelchair, designed to send out an emergency text message to an emergency contact in the event of wheelchair failure. The module consists of an android phone capable of running software applications, a software application programmed by the group, an interface to wheelchair battery that charges the phone, and a panic button that plugs in to the headphone jack.            

EmergiText works whens the panic button is pressed or the battery of the wheel chair dies. It does this through software loaded to the phone through a computer using a USB connection to the phone. The software used to run EmergiText is a derivative of java code made especially for devices that run on android mobile operating system. The software uses interrupts to monitor if the phone has switched to internal power indicating a dead battery or the panic button is pushed generally indicating that terrain has stranded the wheelchair occupant. When one the previous conditions is met the phone sends a text message with GPS coordinates to an emergency contact phone number, selected by the user, that is pre-programmed into the software.  The GPS coordinates are acquired via software instructions to the phones GPS module, and a different text message is sent depending on the condition that EmergiText was activated.

Unlike other products like Life Alert which was only designed for elderly and requires that someone be inside the home, EmergiText works anywhere and was designed especially for people with Cerebral Palsy who are bound to a wheel chair. In addition EmergiText sends text messages which can be essential for people with speech impediments.