Welcome to Team Electric Chair – Safety Lighting System page.

This page contains information about our team and the overview of our project: how it all started, how we developted it and what parts we used.

  • Name of the project:
     Safety Lighting System


  •  Team members:
    Darko Komadina
    Emmanuel Massawe
    Hengky Vermilion Tjie
    Nate Farney


  • Introduction/abstract:
    In Spring 2012, at the meeting with the CPRF residents, we received several requests for the safety light system that would be used on the wheelchair. At the end of the first semester we had a working product that included 6 small LED lights, and 1 large headlight, installed on a test wheelchair. The lights are controlled via the wheelchair joystick.


  • Description:
    We have 6 LED navigation lights and a low profile LED headlight. We connected the lights in 3 sets in series. Both the lights andthe  Arduino are individually fuse protected. The lighting system is powered by 24V just as the wheelchairs. The system is controlled by the wheelchair joystick. The wheelchair has to be in drive 4 in order to change the light  mode. The joystick operates on x and y voltage axis with 2.5 V being the neutral voltage on both axis. On the positive x and y axis voltage is increased to approximately 4.2 V, and on the negative side of each axis the voltage is reduced to approximately 0.8V. We chose the y axis to control the headlight and x axis to controller the navigation lights. Each set of lights is turned on when voltage exceeds 3.7 V and turn off when the voltage falls bellow 1V. This logic is implemented in the Arduino code which changes the light mode. The chair operator can switch drives to resume travel without the light mode changing. 


  • Other:
    Our project was requested from several CPRF residents who wanted to be more visible while driving their wheelchair outside of their homes. Many other residents showed interest in our project and thought that they would be safer with this product as well.  Compared to other bulky and expensive  products of similar kind, our wheelchair light system doesn’t drain battery, it is water proof, the headlight is low profile, and the LED’s are bright and easy to spot. 


  • Short video & images with project demonstration 

             YouTube Preview Image