Developed by:

Zane Sumpter

Mason McCanless

Adam Hemphill


We have developed an interactive smartphone app/website for college campuses. This app provides ways for any college student to network on their campus as well as assisting them in finding specific information regarding any groups, activities, events, and classes that they may need. The website/application contains an interface comprised of modules that the user can choose to enable that displays different topics. After the user chooses a module, multiple options within that module appear. These options allow the user to get more and more specific about what they are trying to find, whether it be a certain building on campus or a flat-screen TV for sale.

  • The “Campus” module, which displays a map of their campus and the surrounding buildings on campus. The app is GPS-enabled, allowing the user to see exactly where they are in relation to the class that they are about to be late for. A general map, parking lot locations, and even food vendor locations are available in this module.
  • The “Classifieds” module provides a way for students to post information about books they would like to sell, roommates they need, or furniture that needs a new home. Anyone can just get on the app and scroll through a sectioned list of classifieds to find what they are looking for.
  • The “Events” module allows anyone who is a registered user on the school’s CampusU website to post entries based on various campus happenings, charity events, club announcements, and more. Other users can then view these events, which will tell them the event location, date and time, a description of the event, and give them a way to contact the event coordinator.
  • The “Sports” module keeps the user connected to their favorite campus sports team. They can view a list of upcoming games, visit the team’s Twitter or Facebook accounts, and even view parking maps of designated sporting event parking.
  • The “News” module allows users to stay in-the-know about everything that occurs on campus. Users can search for an article that involves a specific sport or just browse through all of the available articles.
  • The “Classes” module enables the user to create their own class schedule to stay on top of their scholastic activity. The user can also perform a class search to see what classes are available to enroll in. This app allows for scalability by allowing schools to create their own layers. For instance, WSU students could use a “Construction Detours” section in the Maps module to avoid the mess surrounding RSC and plot the quickest route to their destination.

We think that this is a great idea that can be implemented on almost any campus worldwide. The modules are programmable and can all be modified by an administrator so that each campus could choose what modules they want to implement. A few years back, WSU attempted to create a networking website for students. As a website, it did not catch on because there were few activities listed and very little interaction was provided. It was not well publicized and just did not get enough users. The current method to get the word out about items for sale or events on camps is to post a flyer on a board somewhere and hope that the right people see the flyer. With our application, this process of finding the person who is interested in what you have to offer is much easier. We feel that with the proper showcasing and development, this app could be a hit not only for new students, but for faculty, staff, parents, and graduates alike.