Our team, Green Wu, is devoted to bringing Alternative Energy and spreading the ideas of energy efficiency to the general public.  Our focus is on the usage of energy and conservation of the environment, along with helping those in need.  Team members include: Adrian Love, Alexander Trofimuk, Eric Kampling, and Stephen Wiemeyer.  All of us are devoted to creating a better society by increasing the understanding and awareness of the pressing, vital issues at hand; those being global warming and the human condition . 

The Green Wu Bicycle Generator is designed to assist those in need with exercise and energy generation.  We have developed a method of creating a personal exercise machine for those without the use of their legs.  Our Bicycle Generator is unique in that it generates the power for someone who can only use the upper half of their body.  Our customer, a resident of the CRPF, lies prone on her stomach in a wheel chair, she cannot walk or use her legs in any significant regard. We’ve developed a method of generating power unique to her needs and those who cannot pedal a traditional bicycle. From this she will be able to both exercise in ways she never thought before and generate power to develop an understanding of what “power” and “energy” are. 


Our customer’s personal needs have been examined and included in the development of our project so that her reach would not be over extended or too much effort required on her part.  The bicycle system will be able to display the total power generated so that its user will be able to learn from their actions.  For instance, the common individual has no true understanding of what a “kilowatt” truly is or what it takes to generate, and as such our bicycle will help someone make a very real connection to the work required to generate the power that they use on a daily basis, be it their lights, radio, TVs, or even a wheel chair.