Smart Mail Box

Team members: Said Alyami (Team Leader),  Kathy Ta, Festus.

                     The main purpose of the smart mailbox is intended to provide its user a feedback from inside his mailbox, the user should not have to go every day or every few hours to check if there is a new mail or not.  The final product of the project should notify the user when a new mail comes through an e-mail.  One mor important extra function is that the final product also takes a clear colored picture from inside the mailbox and send it instantly with the e-mail, so that the user can take a closer look to his mail to decide if it’s a mail he is interested about or just junk mail.

              The need for this project will be a lot because it’s convenience for disable people and also for senior citizen.  One of the main application for this product is for the use in the winter time, where the user don’t have to go out in the cold to check the mail.