Mind-controlled R/C Car

Team Members

  • Eric Berman
  • Kalyn Kovac
  • Bruno Umeadi


The RC Mind Control project allows a user to control a R/C vehicle using an EEG head headset and an Arduino micro-controller.  For the final project we chose the EPOC head set because it has fourteen EEG sensors to read data from, compared to one sensor on  other headset we looked at.  We process the EEG data using Emotive software and send it to the Arduino through the serial connection.  The EEG signal controls the vehicle’s speed, and the direction is controlled by the headset’s built-in accelerometers.  While it is a neat idea just to be able to control objects with the mind, there are multiple applications for this project.   One such application would be the ability for a paralyzed person to control their wheelchair or a robotic arm to be able to pick items up and move them.