• Patent Research

    Our team had a meeting with a person who previously worked in a patent office. He was very knowledgeable and gave us a lot of information to think about. He talked about the pros and cons to both applying for a patent and for not applying for one. We also searched for patents and did not find anything similar to our idea. After much thought and consideration we decided against applying for a patent for our product. The reason for our decision being that there is nothing unique enough about our design, technically or methodically, to be patent worthy. Also, if we did apply for a patent, this would be more of an advertisement of our idea than anything else.

    Industry Standards

    If we were to move forward with manufacturing our design we would have to go through the process of getting our product UL listed and approved by the National Electrical Code (NEC).

    Liability Concerns

    The liability concerns would be shock, and fire hazards, though our device would be no more hazardous than any other consumer electronic. The Laundry Mate is contained in a plastic box that should not get wet. Since there is a higher risk of flooding in the area with the washer, it would be mandatory to mount the Laundry Mate on the wall.