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Laundry Mate

Laundry Appliance Cycle Notification System


Senior Design 2011 – 2012


Team Members:

Jason Hennessy
Jo Palmer
Lucas Burson
Shawn Westervelt




The problem we are attempting to solve is the lack of notification upon completion of a laundry cycle. Often, a person does not realize that a laundry cycle ended and they forget about it. This issue frequently results in laundry getting re-washed, wasting both time and energy. Our device will be series connected with home laundry appliances to monitor the power line for current flow. The presence of current above a threshold is indicative of a laundry cycle that has been initiated. The home owner will be able to connect one dedicated laundry mate device to a single laundry appliance. The installation of this device will not require modification to any existing appliance or household branch circuit wiring.

In this project we have used an MSP430G2231 micro-controller and an ACS 709 current sensor hall effect based linear current sensor. These two components form central elements of the structure to monitor and notify the user of laundry cycle status. The MSP430 micro-controller is an ultra-low power platform microcontroller used commonly in industry. This controller was selected based on its low energy consumption, extreme low cost, as well as its common usage in industry. The ACS 709 current sensor was selected based on its linear properties, compact size and robust design. A java based program will reside locally on the end users computer. The program will be platform independent and serve as the main interface for the user. This will provide for a simple, user friendly way for the user to setup and manage this device.

Presently three are no devices that will allow an appliance owner to retrofit an existing laundry appliance to receive cycle status notification. Some high end appliances have similar features within them. However, most people will not purchase these high end appliances just to receive laundry cycle status notification. This product has no known direct competitors in the market to date.