Welcome to DoorTextChecker – a Do-It-Yourself security system.

By: Jordan Castillo, Matt Price, and Todd Thimmesch

The idea of this project is inspired by that wave of do-it-yourself approach to America these days to save money and take pride in the idea of “I did this on my own, check it out.”  What our team has set out to do is to make an easy to set up security system for monitoring and opening doors or whatever else you can think of.  Also along with this is that there are no other monthly fees except for what an average consumer already pays for – a cellphone and an internet connection. 

The big picture of how this works is there is a program set up on a computer that acts as a server, it waits for the user to give commands either from a handy android application, text messaging or from a client computer.  The server will receive whatever information that was given to it and pass it to the micro controllers that are set to monitor any door that is set up.  It will do the action performed, pass it back to the user letting them know things like if a door is shut or not, or if they wanted to open it for any reason.  The beauty of this is that there isn’t a costly $45.00 a month fee for monitoring a house and most security systems are just now adding in features to open doors.  Also there are garage door openers that can open doors via phone now.  Well with our project it is universal avoiding having to buy a whole new unit just to do it.  That is the idea behind DoorTextChecker and we believe that we have delivered upon that core idea of free do-it-yourself security.

Here is the high level overview of the project: