EECS Senior Design Fall 2013
Project Contract
Team Name: Team 6 (3!)
Team Members: Saeed Alsaleeb, William Drescher, Ahmad Kusay Kharmandh, Rupak Poudel

The product we are working on is to build a control system for the wheelchair clients to assist them in using their camera. People with disabilities often have difficulty in holding the camera steady. We are working for a client at CPRF, Shari Rose. We are making the product to mount on her wheelchair which can be easily controlled with joystick. The name of her camera that we will be working on is E-620 Olympus. One of the lenses is 14-42 mm ZUKO lens.


Functions and Features of the product:

  • 360 degree pan rotation on vertical axis

  • -45 degree to +60 degree pitch rotation on horizontal axis

  • Quick release mount for the camera

  • Easy to mount the product on our client’s wheelchair

  • Battery powered product

Our product will be tested by our client Shari Rose. We will go to CPRF and have her try the product and get the feedback from her. We will be asking the following questions for her feedback:

  1. Was it easy to move the joystick?

  2. Was the input given to the joystick and the movement of the camera as predicted?

  3. How much will you be willing to pay for the product like this?

  4. Were you able to mount the camera control system easily on the wheelchair?

  5. Were you able to mount and release the camera easily from the system?

  6. Overall, was the product effective in assisting you to take pictures?


                                  Gantt Chart