The product is powered from an 11.1 V rechargeable lithium polymer battery which is connected to the power switch. When the switch is on, Arduino Uno board gets the input voltage of 11.1 V. Arduino board regulates the 5V supply and 11.1V supply to the circuit board. When the joystick is moved left or right, the analog value of the potentiometer is read by the arduino board and sends the signal to the servo motor for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Servo motor is also powered by the 5V supply from the circuit board. When the joystick is moved up or down, the analog value of the potentiometer is read by the arduino board and the signal is sent to the two inputs of L272 amplifier in the circuit board. The amplifier is powered with the 11.1 V supply from the board. The input supply to the motor is provided from the amplifier’s output which triggers the motor to change its polarity and rotate in a desired direction.


Scenario of use:

People with disabilities with trouble in holding the camera and taking the pictures can use the product. The product can be easily mounted to the wheelchair or a tripod.


Walkthrough of typical operation:

The product is used to align and rotate the position of the camera so that the camera is stable and the weight of the camera is supported by the product. The user can manually take the snapshot.


Unique features of the product:

The product is designed to handle the weight of professional camera and lens up to 2.2 pounds. The product is cheaper in comparison to the products available in the market and it can be easily built using the parts available in the market. The camera can be positioned to take the pictures of the sky and ground and also take the pictures all around. The product is specifically built based on the need of specific client Shari Rose.


Benefits for the user:

People with disability will get a platform for using their camera to take nice quality pictures with the ability to control and align the camera.


Alternative solution:

One of the alternatives is to have someone help the person with disability to carry the camera or wait for longer time to allow the person to take the picture. Other alternative is to buy the similar products which are very expensive and is built for the professional filmmaker for video shooting purposes.

This product provides solution to the specific people with disabilities and the product can be mounted on wheelchair which aids the client to be independent and enjoy their passion of photography as a hobby or could be even used as the professional career.