Our client wanted a fairly large range of pitch movement (we set it to 45 degrees down and 70 degrees up), and a complete 360 degree pan. She also requested provisions for quick disconnect of the camera, and the ability to move it from landscape to portrait orientation. The system should be compact and self-contained, and mount easily to her wheelchair. It should be capable of working with a camera and lens that weigh 720 grams.



As a potential commercial product, we tried to stick to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components. As a self-contained product, no industry communications standards were needed. To be successfully commercialized, the product would have to meet Underwriter Labs (UL) safety standards.

  • The camera mounting screw is a standard ¼-20 machine screw that is used by all cameras sold in the USA.

  • The battery charger is a standard 11.1 volt lithium-polymer balanced battery charger.

  • The continuous motion servo size is Standard size.