Camera Control System


Saeed Alsaleeb, Bill Drescher, Kusay Kharmandh, Rupak Poudel

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Wichita State University

{saalsaleeb, wjdrescher, axkharmandh, rxpoudel1}


AbstractThis paper describes the design and technical specifications for a Camera Control System that helps a handicapped wheelchair user with limited use of his or her hands point a camera. Battery powered motors and a joystick control the pointing of a camera in two axes. Large, three-axis motorized camera control systems are available, but this system is a relatively small unit that is designed to be mounted on a wheelchair.



This project came about as a result of meeting between Shari Rose, a resident at the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation in Sedgwick County, Kansas and the authors, who are engineering students at Wichita State University. Shari, who uses a wheelchair, stated that she had trouble using her single lens reflex camera, because she has limited use of her hands.

The Camera Control System provides motorized, mechanical movement of an attached camera about two axes; rotation about the vertical axis (pan), and rotation about the transverse axis (tilt). The motions are controlled by a joystick. The joystick provides user input that is converted into motor commands via an Arduino digital controller. Limited (90 degrees) rotation about the longitudinal axis (axis of the lens) is available by manual means.

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