Current Week 11/4/13-11/11-13

Individual Hours:

Cody: 2 Hours

Ali: 2 Hours

Kishor: 2 Hours

Imran: 2 Hours

What we did:

After working out some bugs, we tested our app with the Arduino IR remote that we created.  Currently, the app only has a couple buttons.  The app did was successful in causing the Arduino to send an infrared code.  Now we only need to populate the remote with the rest of the buttons, which will mostly consist of copying existing code and then personalizing it to each button; we plan to have this done by next Monday.  

What we didn’t do:

We have divided the report into sections for each of us to complete, but we have not completed any sections for the final report.  We also have not added any RF functionalities to the remote.

Where we are stuck:


Upcoming Week


Complete the app

Have the consumer test the app

Continue working on final report

Begin working on presentation

Possibly add RF functionality to remote (time dependent)

Meeting times/dates

Thursday 7 pm


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