Processing Code

Arduino Code

Parts List

  1. Seat Cushion, ROHO Quadtro Select, used (1)
  2. Microcontroller, Arduino Uno (1)
  3. Power lumbar seat pump, Ford OEM (4)
  4. Solenoid valve (4)
  5. Pressure sensor, Freescale Semiconductor MPXV5100GC7U (4)
  6. MOSFET (8)
  7. Diode (8)
  8. Resistor, 10kΩ (8)
  9. ON/OFF switch (1)
  10. 12V power supply (1)
  11. Female wiring adapter for 12V power supply (1)
  12. Vinyl tubing, 3/16″ id, 5/16” od (8ft)
  13. All-purpose plastic cement
  14. Circuit board (2)
  15. Connecting wire (20ft)

Design Constraints

  • Size: We were designing a cushion meant to be used on a wheelchair so the first and biggest constraint we encountered was making the internal components small enough to be fixed to a wheelchair in a comfortable and efficient manner.
  • Power Consumption: The battery on the wheelchair was a second constraint.  We could not have our cushion running far too often as it could quickly drain a wheelchair battery. 
  • Noise: The air compressors on the cushion can be relatively loud when running all at once.  We needed to choose a product that was not overly noisy yet powerful enough to still inflate the cushion in a reasonable amount of time.  Too much noise and it would make our cushion undesireable in the market.
  • Cost: Most of the other products that address the same problem that are on the market are absurdly expensive.  We have tried to create this cushion as to make it as affordable as possible.