Some work that could be done to improve the cushion would be to create a manifold that could utilize a single air pump to work for all of the sections of the cushion.  This would save on a lot of noise but would slow the airing process.  The parts we used were also not particularly designed for the ways that we used them.  The air pumps were originally lumbar support pumps in ford vehicles and the solenoid valves are meant as water valves for fish tanks.  Though the parts to work as intended they could be of better quality and could work better.
The current functionality that we have incorporated into the cushion is most of what makes our cushion different from those already on the market.   The way the active component works with the reactive component is what makes it a viable product in the prevention of pressure sores.  That said, the programming on it could be improved as the hot spot did not hit as many different areas as was desired.
As was mentioned before there are multiple ways to approach this problem but no one way to really solve it.  Our cushion used a conglomerate of different ideas to try to appeal to a larger range of possible patients as an actively changing environment may work better for one patient while a reactive would work better for another.