The Smart Cushion, in its current form, is intended for professional/educational use only.

Besides the cushion itself, the most important components for a user of the Smart Cushion are the two toggle switches mounted to its side. One of these switches is single-throw (toggles between two positions), and the other is double-throw (three-position toggle with “on” at either end and “off” in the center).

The single-throw toggle switch is used to toggle between the Smart Cushion’s two modes of operation: setup mode and run mode.

The double-throw toggle switch is a momentary contact switch, which means that either of the two “on” positions only operate so long as the user is holding the switch in that particular position. The first of the two “on” positions is used to inflate the cushion, and the second is used to deflate the cushion.

The Smart Cushion draws power from a standard 120 Volt wall outlet, and includes a 12 Volt, 8 Amp power adapter.

In its current form, the Smart Cushion also requires that the Arduino microcontroller draws power via its USB cable. It must therefore be plugged into a laptop or a USB AC adapter.

Setup & Operation

1. Make sure that the Arduino and 12 Volt, 8 Amp power adapter are plugged in.

2. Toggle the single-throw switch to setup mode.

3. Toggle the double-throw switch to substantially inflate the cushion.

4. Provide assistance in order that the patient may be seated safely on the cushion.

5. Toggle the double-throw switch to deflate the cushion to a point where the patient is seated to the appropriate depth/surface area coverage.

6. Toggle the single-throw switch to run mode.

7. If, at any time, a seating/fitment professional feels that the cushion should, on the whole, be more inflated or deflated, he/she can toggle the single-throw switch back to setup mode, and then repeat steps 5 and 6.