Patent Research

US 3415586 A: A cabinet structure provided with an outer shell and shelf structure slidably supported in the shell by webs which are adapted to be wound on a motor driven roller. The motor and an electromagnetic brake are both adapted to be energized when the shelf structure is being raised. Only the electromagnetic brake is adapted to be energized when the shelf structure is being lowered by gravity.

Although this patent is meant for a similar purpose, it’s basic dynamics is similar to an elevator which would be problematic above counters. Our design differs from this one in that ours extends outward and doesn’t necessarily require modifications to the cabinets which is more ideal for the CPRF.

US 8303053 B2: A basket apparatus which includes a basket positioned in a cabinet, a motor to drive the basket from a rearward lowered position in the cabinet to a forward directed raised position outside of the cabinet, and a driver connecting the basket to the motor.

Like our shelf, this basket apparatus extends outward from a cabinet. However, this apparatus is vertically confined to the level of its cabinet which wouldn’t be useful for user who can’t reach their cabinets.

US 8414093 B2: A robust, motorized moveable shelf assembly having a shelf carriage, a stationary support structure, and a motorized drive assembly that can be retrofitted into an existing cabinet structure or be combined with a cabinet structure in which the shelf carriage can rotationally-move outside and either downward or upward of the stationary support structure and back again so that the shelf carriage is more readily accessible to a person of limited mobility.

This patent is similar to our design (Both are based off the Rev-A-Shelf Pull Down Shelving System). However, ours uses a linear actuator, whereas this patent utilizes a pulley-system. Also, our shelf includes obstruction sensors and wireless control.

US 8424983 B1: A storage VBS with opposing side walls, a top, a bottom, a back with an open or openable front, houses movable upper and lower adjustable shelving boxes.

This patent may make a good replacement for standard cabinets for those confined to a wheelchair. Since the CPRF already has cabinets our shelf is designed to be retrofitted into an already existing cabinet.

Industry Standards

Our shelf is a modification to the manual pull-down shelf manufactured by Rev-A-Shelf. This shelf is intended to fit in cabinets that meet the standards set by KCMA 161.1 (Performance and Construction Standard for Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets).

The wireless key-fob utilizes 315MHz RF. This complies with the FCC’s standard for frequency spectrum in the US and Canada (260-470 MHz).

The Arduino that controls the shelf includes a USB port  for communication and power. This port meets the standards for USB 1.0.

Liability Concerns

Liability concerns may exist depending on the structural integrity of the cabinets in which the shelves would be installed. Before installing, the user should make sure cabinets meet the standards set by KCMA.

Required Certification

There are no required certifications for building, installing, or operating this shelf. However, the cabinets, in which the shelf will be installed, should meet KCMA’s testing and certification standards.