Automated shelf can be installed in a cabinet, on a pantry shelf, etc. using existing installation instructions for the manual pull down shelf.  These instructions can be found online here Instructions.

Additional instructions:

  • Access to 120VAC will need to be provided.  It is recommended to have a licensed electrician for installation of new outlets, additional wiring, etc.
  • While the shelf is designed so moving parts do not affect the wiring, ensure pinch points are not introduced during shelf installation. 


After plugging a 12-16VDC power supply into the Arduino the shelf is ready for operation.  If for some reason the shelf is not in the fully up/stowed position, it will return to that position upon first supplying power. 

Note:  While this unit is designed to control only a single shelf, a simple software upgrade can be installed to operate up to 4 shelves independently with no additional hardware required, with the exception of additional wiring for each shelf. 


The shelf is designed to move through a full range of motion to either fully extended or fully stowed, it cannot be controlled to a stop in mid-range.  For proper operation, do not load shelf with more than 20lbs. of additional weight.

Single shelf operation:

  • A single push and release of the “A” button on the wireless key fob is all that is needed to lower or raise the shelf. 
  • The shelf direction can be reversed at anytime with another press of the “A” button. 
  • If an object is detected below the shelf at anytime during it’s operation, the shelf will halt all motion and remain stopped until the detected object is removed from the shelf’s path.

Multi shelf operation:

  • Operation is the same as for single shelf operation, except that each shelf is set up to individually correspond to one of the 4 buttons of the wireless key fob.



  • Degradation of shelf movement may occur if more than 20lbs. of additional weight is added to shelf.
  • Take care to keep objects clear of the shelf’s full range of motion, especially items that may have fallen behind shelf in cabinet as shelf does not have the ability detect these objects. 
  • During normal use, check that the wiring does not become susceptible to pinch points or stress. 



If shelf is not moving:

  • Ensure unit is getting power
    1. Check that the power supply is plugged in to both the wall outlet and the control unit.
    2. Check that the outlet breaker in service panel is not tripped or off.
    3. Plug power supply into another outlet, ideally on a separate breaker than normal outlet used for shelf.
  • Ensure wireless key fob transmitter is operational
    1. Replace battery in key fob
  • If it has been determined that outlet power and the key fob transmitter are not the cause, further inspection by a qualified technician will be needed to determine the cause and a replacement of the power supply, control unit, wiring or motor may be warranted.