EECS Senior Project

Group 5

2013 Spring/Fall

Team Bitshifters Members :

Jeffrey McDonald,

Mamunur Rahman,

Andrew Rankin,

Ibrahim Al Mustaneer.


When people are confined to a wheelchair, they suffer from not being able to reach high cabinets and shelves. Manual pull-down shelves already exist, but people confined to a wheelchair would still not be able to reach these shelves in high cabinets. This project would solve that issue by supplying a high cabinet with an automated lowering shelf which can be installed in the kitchen, pantry, closet, laundry room, etc.

For this project, we have worked with a few residents from Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation (CPRF) over the period of two semesters. Primarily, their apartments provide shelves and cabinets that are not easily accessible to many of the residents, who are confined to wheelchairs. A device is needed to lower the items in these cabinets and shelves to a reachable distance for wheelchair occupants.  With the existing pull-down shelves in the market, the residents would still have to reach and pull down the shelf from their cabinets. Since many of the residents have limited use of their hands, an automated pull-down shelf is needed.

We started with a manual pull down shelf from a hardware store. Our goal was to turn the shelf into an automated shelf controlled by a remote while keeping it economically accessible, environmentally green, socially accepted, as well as meeting health and safety standards.

Here are some pictures of the shelf including the control box, frontal view, sensors on the bottom and the left side view.




Here is a video of the Automated Shelf in its working environment:

YouTube Preview ImageSHELF ASSIST!