Gantt Chart and Contract Documents



Contract for EECS Senior Design II Fall 2013

Team Deliberate Gecko

Project RPTC


Team Deliberate Gecko intends on delivering a prototype demonstration of our Robotic Plot Table Camera utilizing a downsized variant of last semester’s hardware and a new control, capture, and calculation software being developed this semester.


The current project consists of five major goals:

–        Build software to capture an image, identify a calibrated red square as 1” sq, and measure the offset of black lines from the sides of the red square.

–        Build software to control motion equipment from the workstation via USB.

–        Complete the demonstration build utilizing current machine and present at Exploration Place.

–        Provide a BOM (Bill Of Materials) of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) equipment for all hardware needed and detailed assembly instructions for the completion of the actual machine at BTCO.

–        Wrap up software developed in a user friendly GUI that will be accessible to the employees of BTCO and deployable in a MS Windows operating environment.


These current goals may require more than one semester to realize.  Therefore, Deliberate Gecko will wrap up the project with the emphasis on the software this semester.  Another team or BTCO may need to complete final assembly.  The deliverable product will not be built by this time due to budgetary constraints.

Deliberate Gecko shall demonstrate the following at Exploration Place using the current machine:

-          Local, analog control (from last semester)

-          Workstation Control

-          Capture and Calculation of images


Instructors shall attempt to supply assistance and access to university resources as needed for project completion upon request. Instructors shall take the prior semester’s performance into account during the calculation of final grades due to the uncertainty level of this project’s ultimate outcome.