It should be obvious from our previous notes that most of the time out team has yet to spend producing a viable product can be attributed to rebuilds. To produce a working product, we will need to add the following capabilities and enhancements to the physical structure of our project:

  • A machined frame that can be easily attached to BTCO’s light table and allows for the removal of the camera gantry in the case of temporary setbacks
  • Quality linear motion equipment (for dual-axis movement)
  • Two stepper motors with motor drivers capable of delivering the necessary supply current
  • One digital microscope with a short focal length, high resolution  optics, and a considerable pixel count
  • A physical joystick that would be capable of overriding the currently implemented terminal input
  • Better junction boxes
  • An embedded microcontroller
  • A cabling system that allows cable to move down the length of the table without bunching up as it approaches the near side of the table
  • A permanent power supply

            In addition, the code used to operate the machine will need to be modified to accommodate the overriding feature of the physical joystick to be added. The code will also need to be compiled into an executable file that can be run without requiring a Matlab license for the end user. If the microcontroller is to be changed from an Arduino Mega to an embedded controller, the Matlab code used to control the project will obviously need to be changed as well. Finally, since the robotic gantry is likely to be subject to z-axis movement, it is important that the camera have digitally controlled zoom and code will have to be written to add that functionality as well.