Thank you for purchasing Deliberate Gecko’s Robotic Plot Table Camera (RPTC) system.

Note: These instructions are for the current revision of the Robotic Plot Table Camera system, P4. Improper installation and usage will void product warranty.


I.          Setup


Included with this RPTC system are 4 custom-built stands. Place these stands on the outer perimeter of the RPTC frame, spreading them out to the corners to provide the most stability. Proprietary table mounts are sold separately, and will require hand fitting.

After the stands are placed, gently lower the RPTC system onto the stands, making sure to place the outer frame in the provided grooves.

Now that the RPTC is in position, connect the power and data cables into the side of the proprietary control box. Connect the USB cable on the side of the control box to the workstation.


On the workstation, launch the RPTC Start program.

A user-friendly GUI should appear.


The GUI will display a live camera feed of what the RPTC is currently monitoring.

Press the Capture button to capture an image from the live feed and process it.

Green dots will display where measurements are being taken.

Distance measurements will be displayed on the Captured Image screen. These measurements are in 1/1000″, provided that the calibrated plotting table uses 1″ squares as the reference.

The slider bars are for motor control. You can select the speed and direction of the camera box.

There is another slider bar to control image filtering. This is to clean up imperfections in the plot print or visible dust.


To exit the program, click the Close button.


Congratulations! Your RPTC system is now ready to use.



II.        Maintenance


  • Ensure no long hair; loose clothing or overhanging articles are around RPTC, as it may be caught in the moving parts, causing a jam.


  • Do not place objects beside or on top of control box, as that will block air flow for cooling of components inside control box.


  • All wires should be kept free from tangling or entanglement.


  • Camera lens should only be cleaned if necessary, ensure that it is properly aligned with the table after maintenance.


  • No additional lubrication should be necessary. Cleaning of the metal components should be done with a damp cloth and vinegar. Components should then be dried and buffed with a lint free cloth.


  • Check all cables and wires to confirm that they are well connected.


  • Check all bolts and fittings for proper fitting. Fittings require a minimum of 15 in-lb of torque.


III.      Service


 Internal components are not user serviceable and should not be dismantled. This will void the warranty of your product. If any components or repairs are needed, the local Deliberate Gecko should be contacted to arrange a service call.


IV.       Troubleshooting


RPTC GUI does not start

-Check USB cable from control box to workstation.

-Check power cable to control box.


RPTC does not move

-Check USB cable from control box to workstation.

-Check power cable to control box.

-Check motor cables from motors to control box.


Green points on measurement screen are measuring points incorrectly

-Check camera alignment and plot lighting.

-Check image filtering amount.


RPTC starts to emit smoke

-Turn off the power supply to RPTC.


RPTC starts a violent robotic revolution


-Call local authorities.