Robotic Plot Table Camera

WSU EECS Senior Design II

Team Members of Team Deliberate Gecko :

  • Michael Mihalek
  • Miles Ramage
  • Michael Nguyen


Deliberate Gecko has the mission of eliminating back strain, eye fatigue and wheelchair inaccessibility from a specific job at BTCO, which is near the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation. The strain and fatigue as well as inaccessibility comes from the current methods used in the operation. The job is to record precision measurements of a printed sheet that is on top of a large calibrated plot table. This requires the measurement taker to bend over the table with a microscope for each point that needs to be measured.

Team 1, Deliberate Gecko, has developed their second prototype of Project RPTC to completely mechanize the current job. The prototype was built with goal of getting closer to the finished product of a completely robotic plot table camera system. This would achieve getting rid of the back strain and eye fatigue, as well as enable wheelchair users to have equal employment. Positive benefits would also include making the methods of measurement a great deal more efficient, trading manpower for electric power.

The team currently does not see any competing products other than high end large scanners, which would would cost far too much.



This report provides details of the prototype and recommended specifications, technical description, bill of materials, and standards used for Deliberate Gecko’s robotic plot table camera. In addition, this report includes a comprehensive description of the project’s historical perspective, business viability, and future work needed to produce an industry-ready product to be used by the team’s client, BTCO. The report attempts to provide justification for the implementation of a more professional build at a later date.