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EECS Senior Design Fall 2013
Project Contract
Micro Cyber Watch Dog
Client: Sargent Kyle, Garwood
Gustavo Peralta, Brandon Wirgau, Hector Peralta


What is the main goal of the project:

A microbot that can be help law enforcement agencies in case of an emergency such as when time is critical and triggering a CS capsule can save lives.


Features/Function to be completed this semester:


1. The microbot will be able to activate/trigger a CS (tear) gas capsule.


2.Rotating/Tilting wireless Camera

3. All-in-one Portable Remote control: controlling the robot/aiming/moving the camera/activating gas.

4. A better traction system with a new chassis.

How your product functions will be tested (by fall break):

            The triggering of the CS(tear) gas capsule will be tested with an empty capsule during the semester. A full capsule might be used for the final demo of the product and should be recorded for presentation at Exploration place.

            The new chassis will be tested with small obstacles such as rocks and rough surfaces.


What is going to be demonstrated during presentation at the Exploration Place:

            All microbot functionalities as outlined in the previous questions by using visual displays, recorded demo of the project, live demo of the project using an empty capsule, short video of the project functionalities, etc.

Gustavo Peralta

Brandon Wirgau

Hector Peralta

EECS Senior Design Fall 2013 contract