There are many different types of robots on the market. This product was the most similar to our project :
AVATAR micro is a remote control robot that initially has a camera attached to it but many other features can be added such as a manipulator arm, smoke/radiation detector, and audio/video receiver.
Industry Standards
 Wireless Communication Standards
IEEE 802.15.4 standards(Xbee)
128-bit AES Encryption
FCC-Approved Antenna
IEEE 802.11 n;IEEE 802.11b/g;IEEE 802.3;IEEE 802.3u (Radio AV Receiever)
There are liability concerns with this robot since it deals with deploying tear gas. Police force must use judgement as they would when using tear gas normally but there is a slightly greater liability with deploying tear gas remotely. If there is someone, possibly innocent bystander that is affected by the tear gas and law enforcement are unable to help that individual then there could be liability issues towards law enforcement.
The most important certification with this device is using the grenade safely and practically.