There were many different ideas and ways robots were utilized in police and military. They are large, bulky, and extremely expensive robots that were used for various applications. The price for these robots ranged from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. We wanted to build a much cheaper robot that could be used for surveillance help save time and money for the police department and law enforcement. When police have a potential threat in a home or building, there is some risk in sending in local police and it is very expensive to send in a SWAT team to find that the home or building was empty to begin with. Our idea was to have a robot that could allow police enforcement to enter a home without endangering anyone and saving time and money for the department. These robots are very cheap compared to other robots on the market and are fairly expendable so there is very little risk in sending this robot in.

There isn’t much that is very similar to our robot. Law enforcement do use robots but they are often large and used for disarming bombs, armed combat, or other uses. Ours was simply used for surveillance and having the ability to use a smoke grenade to allow for safer entry into a potential threat.