The objective of the product is to trigger a CS/flash grenade remotely. The goal of the usability study is to have feedback from law enforcement since this is the target market for this product. All the product functions are tested thru a live demo of the product with our client. After the live demo, a short questionnaire was given tour client.  A positive result will be for our client, a Sergeant in WSU Police Department, to approve the product.


  1. Move robot forward/backward and rotate it remotely.
  2. Trigger a capsule such as CS grenade remotely.
  3. Transmit video wirelessly


Brief instructions on how to use the product were giving to the participants of the usability study since how to use this product is intuitive because of the buttons/joysticks that are used for movement/trigger the capsule. No formal training is needed.


Date of Study: 12/5/2013

Participants: Client,Sargent Kyle Garwood

Participant is our project client. No other participants were chosen since the main goal of this project is to create a robot that will be able to trigger a CS/flash grenade therefore the product is not for the general public.



Below is the survey given to our client and his feedback.



Results from Survey

  1. Appearance doesn’t appear to be an important aspect for our client.
  2. Product is intuitive and easy to use.
  3. 360 degree movement of the robot was a future work implementation that our client will like to have. Programming code needs to be modified to implement this.
  4. A protected toggle switch is an appealing solution for law enforcement to detonate the grenade remotely.