How it works:

Basically the product is divided into two parts: one is remote controller, and the other part is the robot.


The remote controller is charged of sending controlling signals to the robot such as turn left/ turn right/ forward/ and reverse using the the joysticks on top of the remote. One joystick is in charge of controlling the movement of the robot and the other one is in charge of controlling the position of the camera stand. There is Arduino Uno board inside of the remote in charge of processing the signals to be sent to Xbee board as serial data. The Xbee is basically a transceiver that sends or receive data wireless through a specific frequency (2.4 Ghz). The Xbee just send commands do not process any video data. The device in charge of processing video data is the video transmitter also inside the remote. Unfortunately it uses the same frequency as the Xbee. The receiving video signal is sent to a video monitor on top of the remote. It is a 4 inches monitor. Low power and it has some functionalities as menu and standby. Although, the LCD monitor has audio capabilities, it does not process any audio signal process the video transmitter in the robot does not support sending audio signals.


The detonation switch is a special red toggle switch on the remote. Its obvious function is to trigger a signal which is detected by the Arduino, processed, and then sent to the connected



The robot is an electromechanical device that is driven by the remote. It receives signals from the remote control to go forward/reverse/rotate / move the camera/ and to deploy the grenade. It is rechargeable so as the remote is.It has an Arduino mini pro inside the processes the signals received from the connected Xbee. And then convert those signals into actual actions: such as moving the DC motor, activating the motor the pulls the chain connected to the clip of the grenade.

The USB IEEE 1394 is used to program/load the Arduinos mini/uno.

The Xbee IEEE 802.15.4 is used to send and receive data.

This solution was chosen because it was the one that made most common sense. There not competing products like this. Also, another reason is because of my team’s expertise in the area and our client’s interest in the solution.