Most of the Macro Cyber Watch Dog has everything included. The only part that needs to be setup is the grenade. The grenade is the only part that doesn’t come included with the Macro Cyber Watchdog (MCWD) and will need to be setup for every use after deploying a grenade from the MCWD. On top of the MCWD is a clamp for the grenade. It has two fasteners that make the clamp adjustable. First, orientate the clamp so that head of the grenade will line up directly with the motor and where the chain is pulling from. If the grenade is oriented so that the motor is pulling at an angle, then the motor won’t be as effective in pulling the pin out and most likely fail in doing so. Next, clamp the grenade, with the original pin still in, and tighten both fasteners tight so there won’t be any movement. After this, pull the original pin from the grenade and insert the pin attached to the motor. The MCWD is now armed.
The controller is what controls the movement of the robot, the movement of the camera and also activating the mechanism to pull the pin on the grenade. It also has an LCD screen that will display video from the robots point of view. The controller has a main power switch at the top, two joysticks to control the Macro Watchdog’s movement an adjust the camera as well.The left joystick will control the movement of the MCWD with up being forward, down being backwards, left to turn left and right to turn right. The right joystick will control the camera. The same movements used on the joystick will be the same on the camera. The middle toggle switch is what activates the mechanism to pull the pin for the grenade. On the side of the controller, there is a receiver for the video signal. This receiver will need to be adjusted until the video is clear on the screen.
There is a power switch on the MCWD as well as a charging port for the robot. An additional button is also put on the robot for testing purpose. This red button will activate the motor to pull the pin.
There is little maintenence with the MCWD. The controller is operated by 8 AA batteries that can be easily changed. To change the batteries, unscrew the two screws on the controller and carefully lift the top of the controller. Replace the batteries inside the controller and the controller will be ready to use again.
The robot uses a specialized battery charger to recharge the MCWD.
Be careful not to pull out the wires!