1) It has to climb at least 2 inches tall obstacles.

Our tests showed that it is capable of climbing obstacles of at least 2 inches tall

When robot’s wheels are level with the terrain against a 90 degrees obstacle.

2) It has to have at least a range of 100 feet wirelesses indoors.

Our tests showed that is capable of having a good reception from Wallace Hall to the police parking lot, which is a proximally more than 100 feet.

3) It has to pull the clip of a tear gas grenade.

The video and picture of the report in the final show that.

4) It has to support the load of itself plus the grenade. 

The each motor has a load capacity of 7kg( 4 pounds ). Using a scale shows that 

The robot weights about 3 pounds and the container about two pounds. 5 pounds in total.

5) It has to have a one way video feedback system.

The remote has a LCD monitor and receiver to receiver video signals.

The Robot has a video camera transmitter.

6) It has to be built with a budget of 500 dollars or least. We spent about $361.8 showed in the bills of materials (Technical Description Section).

7) The remote control has to have a LCD display. There is a LCD display on the remote as show in the manual section.

8) It has a safety toggle switch to deploy the grenade wirelessly. It uses a safety toggle switch, which is showed on the remote.

9) The power life has to have to last at least 20 minutes. In the specifications section of this same report show the current usage of the whole system against the battery’s current capacity. Mathematically speaking, the power life is about 1.5 hours.

10) The robot has to have at least a speed of 4 miles per hour. The specification page shows that the robot has a speed of 4.75 miles/hour.