Current Week(11/11-11/18)

Individual Hours:

Gustavo- Create PCB for all components inside the robot. Did some wiring for the remote box.

Brandon- Finish the grenade triggering mechanism.

Hector- Acrylic remote box designed,assembled,finished.

What we did:

1. Remote box, designed done, already assembled using acrylic, still needs some wiring to be completed for next week before the presentation.

2. PCB for remote done.

3. Grenade triggering mechanism done.

What we didn’t do:

We completed all that was expected for this week.

Where we are stuck:


Upcoming Week


1. Put everything together, edit(create) Arduino/Xbee code for the joysticks/buttons on the remote box.

2. Do all the wiring that is still needed for the remote box and/or robot.

3. Create trifold display and/or video demo of robot in action for presentation in Exploration Place.

Meeting times/dates

1. Probably everyday of the week @ 7PM before Saturday…



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