Current Week(11/4-11/11)

Individual Hours:

Brandon- work on the mechanism to trigger CS grenade.

Gustavo- fix display, work on voltage regulator for motors, pcb for the motors.

Hector- work on remote box, laser cut prototype II of the box. Next week will laser cut the final box with plexiglass.

What we did:

1. Prototype II of remote box designed and assembled with cardboard..

2. Brandon is working on the mechanism to trigger the CS grenade.

3. Supplies bought ( plexiglass, buttons, screws, etc….)

4. ¬†Gustavo fixed the display….

What we didn’t do:

1. Have not created the final box.

2. Mechanism to trigger CS grenade is not finished, yet.

Where we are stuck:

No complains so far…

Upcoming Week


1. Finish designing remote box, laser cut it with plexiglass.

2. Finish designing mechanism to trigger CS grenade.

Meeting times/dates

Monday, Wednesdays, any other days as needed.



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