Micro Cyber Watch Dog

Gustavo Peralta          Brandon Wirgau          Hector Peralta





The objective of this project is to create a video transmitting bidirectional wireless robot that will be able to  trigger various types of capsules such as a tear gas grenade or a flash grenade.  Currently, there is robots small as ours in the market that can transmit video and be controlled wirelessly but there is no robot that can trigger various types of grenades remotely.

     There is a need for this type of robots by law enforcement agencies such as SWAT operations, Police officers, even military since this robot can replace a human that can be harm during response to a emergency situation. For example, for a police office/SWAT team this robot can help identify and/or find the exact location where a criminal might be barricading himself/herself before detonating a CS and/or Flash grenade so the criminal will go out of the building thus preventing an actual officer from going inside the building and possibly getting harm in the situation.


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