EECS Senior Design Fall 2013

Project Contract:

Group Name: Group 4

Project Name: Jar Closer

Team Members: Nicholas Garcia, Zubair Imtiaz, and Michael Rogers


 Specific functions the product will provide for the customer:

-Product will tighten the lids of the customer’s jars so food does not go bad or spill out.

-Product will tighten peanut butter, salsa and jelly jars. 

-The customer will be able to operate the product in a safe and reliable way.

-The product will include electrical sensors to help assist the customer with use of the product. 


 Product Testing:

-The product will be tested by closing various different types of jars ranging from 2  inches to 4 inches. 

-The customer will be given the product to test and provide us with feedback relating to usability and helpfulness. 

-The closing of the jars will be demonstrated at Exploration place

-Data collected from testing the torque and force of which is applied to the jar will be shown.