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Liability Concerns:

There are no health issues involved in the usage of the product. The Jar Closer is designed safely with proper testing at each level of the Prototype. Each part is closely intact to the other part so there are very minute chances of breakdown. The only physical input involved is to hold the device and mount it on top of the lid. If the product does not sit comfortably on the lid, remove it and put it on a stable surface. The product will tighten the lids in a safe and reliable way for the consumer without a chance of lid being loosen to spill the item in the jar and tight enough that the food does not spoil. Other than that no liability concerns are involved.



No certifications is required to operate this device. The Easy Jar Closer is very user friendly. The Easy user Interface allows the consumer to operate the device in a very precise manner. NOTE: For further questions about the operation of the device, check the User Manual.