What Work Preceded the Project?

Unfortunately, there were no similar products in market with the capability of closing the lid of the jars. There were only jar opener in the market that were available but none which can help close the lids. That is why this product is one of its own kind with a couple of unique features which the other “Jar Openers” do not have. Now when we talk about a device with very less user input we do not consider devices in picture that requires a lot of strength or input from user such as following.


These products have been tested by the participants themselves and according to them, they require a lot of physical input and strength.

What Work Motivated the Project?

The idea was brought up by many residents at Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation (CPRF) that they had a lot of trouble with the tightly mounted lids on jars and it is really hard for them to open as well as close them.  Therefore the team came up with the plan to reverse engineer an already existing product and modify it in a way that it can perform desirable task. Also the team wanted to do something new to help these residents with our engineering skills that we learned in the 3-4 years of our Degree Plan. The ideas was shared with our Instructor John Harrison for Senior Design 1 class as well as Thomas McGuire and they second the idea. So we looked in to some of the products online by Black and Decker and planned use them with a lot of variations in our project. Here are some of the products we looked in to and found them interesting to pursue.


Project Transformation from First Semester to Second Semester:

In our Senior Design 1 class, we were working on a device that had the capability of Opening/Closing the lid of the jars. Later we realized that it was not viable for a product to carry out this task on all sorts of jars/bottles/cans because every product is designed uniquely with different sets of factors. Therefore after meeting with our Senior Design 2 instructor Dr. Steven Skinner we narrowed down our options for the kinds/sizes of jars. Our Senior Design Project had a couple of mechanical issues therefore we dropped the idea that the device must carryout both tasks. After meeting with Sherry Rose (CPRF Resident), who had trouble closing the jars (She had the Black and Decker Product that helped her opening the lids) we worked on a device that can carry out a task with very minimum user input and which has no mechanical issues/failures.

Here is the how the product was changed in to a smaller sized and very portable over the two semesters (many visitors at our table in the exploration place asked us about the Senior Design Project 1 equipment because even in the first semester we had a lot of people taking interest in the functionality of the product )

Also the complete Timeline and Prototypes can be found/read on the following links.

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