With the evolution of new scientific methods each and every day, the life of people has changed a lot. Nevertheless, these scientific discoveries have made the life easier for us with latest technologies and equipment. Just like everything is evolutionary and need improvement from time to time, the Easy Jar closer also requires few changes to make it a stand alone product in market. After a few sessions of brainstorming and review from the applicants we interviewed, here are some of the features that can be added in to this product by a future team working on this project.

  1. The Easy Jar closer must have the capability to Open as well as Close the jars in a same unit. (Top favorite by the Applicants)
  2. Open/Close lids of any size (Small/Big) and kind of jars (Plastic/Glass/Milk Jugs).
  3. Instead of mounting the device on to the lid on the jar, a platform with a solid base is to be created so that the the jar whose lid is to be opened/closed can be put underneath the platform.
  4. Use lighter Material on the top part of the Jar so it is easy for them to hold and mount it.
  5. Reduce the number of button on the Easy Jar Closer (Maximum of 2). One ON/OFF button and the OPEN/CLOSE button.
  6. Label the buttons for easy handling of the device.
  7. Use an LCD which signifies the wait time and the current operation of the device.
  8. The light on the on/off switch could be wired to indicate whether it is on or not.
  9. Get rid of the RESET button and put a section of code in the Algorithm to automatically reset the device if any errors occur.
  10. Add sensors to the device, so that the maximum Torque is applied. This will help to avoid the jaws getting broken.