How the Product Works:

Our product will secure a jar lid tight enough so that it will not spoil or leak. After placing the jar closer on top of your chosen jar, push the big red button. This is the on and off switch for the circuit. Without this button the circuit will be continuously on and the 9V battery would drain down over time. After pushing the big red button, push the black button. This will start the clamps tightening. After the clamps are secure on the body of the jar the inner jaws will begin to rotate clockwise to tighten the lid. The chip on the board is monitoring the current load and when a predetermined number is reached the jaws will stop. It then proceeds to automatically loosen the jaws and the clamps so you can remove the jar. There are two relays in the circuit that switch the motor for the loosening and tightening of the jaws and clamps. If at any time during the operation something becomes wrong or the lid is not going on properly you can push the red button. It will stop the tightening of the mechanism and will loosen it so you can get fix the problem and start over again. If the product is stored in the most compact position, press “Reset Button” first to open arms wide enough to place over jar lid. Then press “Jar Closer” button to tighten arms around jar to close the lid.

 Scenario for Use: 

The product is meant for people who have have hand gripping issues and can not always get the jar lid on tight enough to avoid spilling or the food going bad. It can be for people who have injured their hand and just can not get the lid tight enough. Or possibly it could be for someone older who just does not have the strength in there hands that they used to. Many times if something is not sealed properly air will get into the jar it and it will be contaminated. This can be costly to replace the food time after time. Also in another situation you could have forgotten that the last time you used the jar you did not get the jar on tight enough. The next time  you go to pick it up, the lid falls off and the product inside go everywhere causing a mess. With our product you will not have either of these issues anymore. 


Our product has to be able to tighten the lids enough that the food does not spoil

Our product will tighten the lids in a safe and reliable way for the consumer

Our product will not loosen lids. 

Our product will be able to be replicated

Our product will cost less than $100

Our product will be ready by November 23rd, 2013

Our product will weigh less than 5lbs


Protocols and Standards used:

 The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60730 safety standards can be used for testing and diagnostic purposes to help facilitate safety of embedded devices in household applications.

The IEC 60730 can be put into three main groups. 

Class A: Not intended to be relied upon for the safety of the equipment

Class B: To prevent unsafe operation of the controlled equipment

Class C: To prevent special hazards

 We would want our device to meet the regulations in group B. The IEC 60730 encourages testing main parts of the embedded system at regular intervals. These tests can help ensure customer satisfaction, reliability, and most importantly safety. 

 Another important standard that can be implemented is energy efficiency. The Building Technologies Office (BTO) is instrumental in setting the standards for 50+ categories of appliances and equipment. It would be a goal of our product to achieve the voluntary ENERGY STAR® program. To achieve this rating testing must be done in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Unique Features:

 Our product is unique in several ways. Most importantly our device is unique in the fact that is automatically closes jars lids. After searching the market for some time nothing has seen that is quite like ours. All the user must do it turn it on and place on top of the jar and push the go button.

 Another unique feature of our product is the auto shutoff feature. The product will determine when the lid is tight enough and will shut itself off and reverse the motor. This is a common issue in some of the other jar devices we tested. They did no have an  automatic shutoff. The other products would just keep running till the customer manually shuts them off. 


 A user would benefit physically and financially from our product. Physically because the product will help customers more ergonomically close jars so as to relieve stress on their hands. This can have long terms effects and in the will help customers and enable them to live a more pain free life. Financially because the jar closer will help close jar lids tighter than then they would have normally have been able to. This will help prevent spills and accidents from loose lids. Tighter lids will also help the contents inside stay fresher longer.  

 Alternative Solutions:

 During our design process we came up with many different prototypes and designs for our product. During the first semester we had hoped to be able to design a free standing product that was able to both open and close products. We spent the first semester working on this product and had prototype that hardily worked. For the second semester we spent a substantial amount of time redesigning our product. We were able to take an existing product that simply opened jars and we modified and enhanced it.