Parts and Features:


Step 1. Place the jar whose lid you want to close on a table. Make sure the lid is adjusted properly.

Step 2. Turn ON the power button to start the device.

Step 3. Press the reset button (Red Button) so the inner arms can move outward so the Jar Opener can easily fit on top of the jar. Once the inner arms are lose the gears will stop rotating. (As shown in the picture below)


Step 4. Mount the Jar Opener on top of the jar. Make sure the Jar Opener is placed evenly on all corners and both the arms are stretched to maximum capacity.

Step 5. Press the Jar Closer (Black) button. The gears start rotating and the inner arms starts moving inwards to grab the lid while the outer arms also move inwards to grab the jar. (As shown in the picture below)

Step 6. Once the inner arms grab the lid tightly, it starts turning the lid in a clockwise direction (enough torque is provided by the motors to turn it). Once the maximum value of current is reached, the relay changes the direction of the current, hence the motor starts turning in the opposite direction and the arms starts stretching back again to their maximum value. (As shown in the picture below)

Step 7. Press the Power OFF button so the battery does not drains off once you are done. carefully take the Jar opener off from the jar. The lid is closed tightly. Check the lid to make sure the job is done right.




How to replace the batteries:

Step 1. The battery apartment can be seen directly from the top part of the Jar closer.

Step 2. Use s screw driver to open the two screws drilled in to the top compartment of the Jar Closer.

Step 3. Carefully remove the top part to access battery compartment.

Step 4. Take the batteries out from the compartment.

Step 5. Install 2 new AA batteries in to the compartment in a similar position as before.

Step 6. Put the lid back on top and then put the screws back in the holes.

Step 7. Use the screw driver again and make sure the screws are gently installed so the lid does not come off. The battery’s are successfully replaced.

 Troubleshooting Methods:

Problem Solution
Jar Closer does not work
  • Check the batteries if they are in correct position. If batteries are weak, replace them with a new set.
  • Double check ON/OFF button to make sure the device is ON.
Outer/Inner arms do not clamp tightly
  • The diameter of the lid/jar is too small to be closed by the jar. (min diameter of lid = 1.5 (in))
Outer/Inner arms do not open enough to fit on jar
  • The diameter of the lid/jar is too big to be closed by the jar. (max diameter of lid = 4 (in))
Outer/Inner arms slips on the jar/lid
  • Make sure the lid is dry. Wipe lid clean and dry.
  • The Jar Closer is not properly placed on top of the jar. Hit the reset button and adjust the position.
The inner arms stops in outermost position perpendicular to inner arms
  • Rotate the inner arms manually to the original position once you are done using it.
Incorrectly mounted lid. The lid is not closed properly
  • Use the reset button if the lid is rotating unevenly. Once the arms stretches to the outermost position, remove the can closer and make sure the lid is properly placed in right position. Try the Jar closer once again.



 The maintenance the product is not a lot but make sure the product is clean and use it carefully when in operation with a liquid item. 

 Some of the maintenance tips to consider:

 1. Clean the inner/outer arms of the device with a piece of cloth periodically. 

 2. Clean the Plexiglas from time to time to make sure there is not dust build up.