Current Week

Individual Hours:

Nick 4 hours 

Michael 4 hours

Zubair 4 hours

What we did:

All of the team members worked on compiling the device together and testing it on different jars. We have successfully put together all the device part and worked on a little changes that we were supposed to do and then finally tested it. The device is working and doing the task mentioned on our contract. We are ready to present our project at the exploration place.

What we didn’t do:

So far we are done with the project.

Where we are stuck:

Testing of the device on couple of extra jars and lids and then put the data together on the website

Upcoming Week


Drafting the content for the website (Other Units). Start the testing for different sets of jars. list down the specifications as well as the measurement for the device. Make our project presentable in the Exploration place.

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings. Yet the timings are not fixed.



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