Current Week

Individual Hours:

Nick 4 hours 

Michael 5 hours

Zubair 5 hours

What we did:

Since the project is almost to completion, we worked on mounting the top part on the device. The top layer was re designed again for the use of battery compartment. The sides of the Plexiglas were also glued to each other. One half of the top part was fixed while the other one was screwed down to sides for battery change purpose. If the user has to install new batteries, they have to open up the two screws, lift the battery compartment and replace new batteries. 

What we didn’t do:

We have to take off the screws from the bottom part and re insert it from the top. This would help in case of mechanical failure of the device so we can take off the top part out easily and then work on the mechanical issues. If we don’t do it, then the only solution of reaching to the base part of the device is to break the glass (which is not recommended). Zubair will work on it.

Where we are stuck:

We have to start testing the device for different jars and cans and record the values. Also we have to take the measurements of the device so we can use it for the content of the website.

Upcoming Week


Drafting the content for the website (Other Units). Start the testing for different sets of jars. list down the specifications as well as the measurement for the device.

Meeting times/dates

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings. Yet the timings are not fixed.



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