Easy Jar Closer


   Team Members: 

            • Zubair Imtiaz – (Electrical Engineering)
            • Michael Rogers – (Computer Engineering)
            • Nicholas Garcia – (Computer Engineering)



                  The Easy Jar Closer is meant to assist people with limited hand mobility. It’s purpose is to close jars with no more physical input from the user than simply a flip of a switch. This product is ideal for individuals and a must keep household item, designed for minimal stress and ideal for use by potentially millions of customers with limited manual ability to close the lid of the jars. The extremely powerful rotating curvature handles grips the lid of the jar from both sides while another handle grips the base to avoid movement and closes the jar smoothly with a clockwise rotation. The product is also designed for resiliency to check errors for incorrectly mounted caps.


                Have you ever been in a situation where you felt helpless just because the lid on your favorite peanut butter jar is too tight for you to open it easily? Have your kids ever been late to school because their favorite Nutella spread Jar was way too tight for you to open in time? This problem lies in almost many of the household items that are covered by lids and preventive caps. Our team jointly came up with this idea after interviewing some residents at Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation (CPRF) and noticed the dire need for such a product which can benefit them in many possible ways. One of the resident quoted “It would be great to have a device in the kitchen that would close the bottles and jars for me as I am not always able to grip tight enough to do so.” So we researched about products that can do the task. Unfortunately, there were only can opener in the market that were available but none which can help them close the jars. The team came up with the plan to reverse engineer an already existing product and modify it in a way that it can perform desirable task. We also looked in to these products but the results were very poor. As compared to other products in market, the jar closer is one of its kind, assembled with capacitors and an OPAMP which are embedded in to a user friendly design. Not only it is designed for a specific individual but it is useful for everyone in the family, young or old, the jar closer works flawlessly and gets the job done.

Final Design :

Video Demonstration:

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