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Class Members Assignment

Introduce yourself virtually to everybody via the class blog.


    • EE585: September 2
    • ENTR668: September 6

Gory details

Adam Ferri Entre 668

My name is Adam Ferri and I am senior at WSU.  I am a student-athlete  – a part of the 2009 Intercollegiate National Championship Bowling Team.  I am majoring in Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management, while also minoring in Accounting and Management.  I work as an associate consultant at The Specialists Group and also own the local College Pro Painters franchise.  My time is pretty well compromised between both jobs, school, and bowling…though I do enjoy going out on the weekends.  I’m looking forward to graduating in the spring, then who knows where I will end up.

Ifeanyi Bruno Umeadi EE585


My name is Ifeanyi Bruno Umeadi, an Electrical Engineering student.  I hope to be an enterpreneur someday ,own my own company and make a lot of money. i love sports especially soccer.






Ryan Parker. Entr 668.

my name is Ryan Parker and I am an Entrepreneurship major with a minor in management and will be graduating in December. I plan to pursue my MBA in the spring. I enjoy all things business, entreremeurial, strategical and working with any and all problems that do not have a definite answer. in my free time I enjoy time with my son and my family, I try and utilize organizations offered here at WSU, ACE at the moment. I work full time, attend school full time and have for 4 years. I also enjoy residential investing in single family and multi family dwellings for resale or holding for rental, and spend a lot of time with that as well. you can reach me at 640 18 24 or email rdparker at Wichita dot edu.

Zackary Steffen –ENTR668


I am a student athlete here at WSU- pole vaulter for the men’s track team. I am also a professional waterskier. I live on a lake here in town and pretty much spend all my free time on the water when ever I have any. I am majoring in entrepreneurship with a minor in management. I Will graduate this spring. If you have any more questions about me just shoot me an email and I will gladly answer them!

Jacob Brown — ENTR668
  • I don’t have a picture of myself, sorry.  
  • I am in my first year of an MBA with emphasis in entrepreneurship and MIS.  My BS is in Computer Science.  I found myself to not be a code monkey but I do enjoy jumping into code time and again.  I don’t really have much to say.  If you have questions about me just ask.    

Nathan Steele — ENTR668

  • My hobbies include anything that involves sports, food, and travel. I love coming up with better ways to do things but often times I have trouble putting ideas into motion.
  • I’m interested in finances and investing but I don’t know as much as I would like to.
  • I grew up in a small town called Belle Plaine and have wanted to live in a big city since then.
  • I will graduate in December with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Finance.


Jessica Bever — ENTR668



My name is Jessica Bever.

  • I almost always find time to go running or cycling during the day, in between classes, clinic, work, volunteer work, and hanging out with my nieces.
  • My family usually goes into the  ministry, but  I discovered the Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders and absolutely fell in LOVE!
  • I received my BA in French from WSU and am currently working on my Doctorate in Audiology.
  • I can be contacted at:

Andrea MAddy — ENTR668

HEY ALL! My name is Andrea Maddy. I am 24 years old and my majors are Management and Entrepreneurship. I was born in Wichita and Raised in Rose Hill. I work at the WSU Bookstore and have spent the last year of my life in Europe going to school and traveling. My favorite things to do are to take photos, Travel, Cook and eat, Chill with my friends, and Watching sports. I’m an extremely out going person. Contact me if you want! akmaddy (at) Wichita (dot) edu


Saint Paddy's day in Berlin!

Rachel Veatch – ENTR668

Hey guys, I’m Rachel. I am a senior at WSU with a major in Entrepreneurship and two minors in Marketing and Management. I was born and raised here in Wichita. I am the assistant manager at a second hand clothing store for teens and young adults (Uptown Cheapskate). I like seeing movies, going downtown with friends, playing with my dog, and going to WSU basketball games. My e-mail is rlveatch [at] wichita [dot] edu.