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Business Idea Assignment

Write one paragraph describing a new product idea.


  • EE585: September 2
  • ENTR668: September 6

Gory details

Veena Shyam Krishna- EE585 – Instant sidewalk shopping.

I was thinking how cool it would be to shop directly from the ads that we see on the roads and side walks. There are apps that can scan a code on the poster and we can shop from a smart phone. But how about having interactive ads that has a buy it now option. The catch here is every individual would have a special card that acts like an account with cart. When he inserts the card into a slot on the ad (which will be displayed on a  machine by itself) the card would give details like the shipping address and all needed details and details of where to send the bill etc. The ad machine would also have a communication device – either a phone or an interactive interface that would provide instant customer support. This will help many companies promote sales of many products. The customer would also have the option of buying it instantly or saving into the cart (card) and buying it later. 

The product is believable because it would enable people to instantly buy the item that they see on the ad if they are fascinated by it. Instead of taking the phone out or go home and access the net, the card would save the ad information and the person can buy it instantly or later. 

Currently an app is available that lets us scan more details about a product. This would help if the person has data plan or hotspot access etc. if not, having this card would be pretty helpful as people can save the item in the card and review it later or purchase it instantly.


Adam Ferri Entre 668 – Bowling Visionary

If you want to bowl competitively with the best of the best, then the Bowling Visionary is what you need.  The greatest difficulty in bowling is the changing lane conditions due to the balls absorbing and moving around the oil on the lane.  When the lanes glow in cosmic bowling, it is the ultraviolet particles contained in the oil that makes it glow.  The bowling visionary is eye-wear that contains a lighting apparatus that makes this ultraviolet light visible to the eye, without any damage to the cornea.  With this vision, the bowlers can adapt to the changing lane conditions before a split opens their eyes.  If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, pick up a pair of this game changing eye-wear today!!

Alex Byrd ENTR668 – Rearview Helmet

RearView is a sophisticated motorcycle helmet with a rear vision system that consists of a rear mounted live camera that displays everything 180˚ behind the rider. The helmet has a screen in the visor of the helmet that displays everything that the camera sees. The screen is a small LED screen approximately ¾” thick and 4 ½ inches long that is mounted in the very top of the helmet above the rider’s eyes inside the visor. This screen position allows the rider to easily see the screen to know what’s behind him while still having a clear view of what is on the road ahead of him. This invention should help greatly reduce motorcycle accidents due to the rider not being able to see behind him or her when switching lanes or slowing down to stop. It also prevents any accidents that can possibly occur from the rider having to take his eyes off the road in front of him to look and see what’s behind him.

Zackary Steffen- ENTR668 – Change and Go

My business Idea is a do it yourself garage for oil changes and machanical work on your vehicle.

This will provide an eco-friendly place for any individual to change the oil, or any other fluid, in their own personal vehicles, for themselves.  This would also allow the patrons a place to dispose these used liquids and lubricants in a safe enviroment.  This would be similar to a Jiffy Lube type of operation but with no actual mechanic on duty.  Additionally, there would also be a location in the building to wash your car if desired. The customer would pay a minimal fee to use the facility. The target market would be for inidividuals that would change their own fluids if they had the equipment, or tools, and facility to do so.

Nathan Steele – ENTR668 – Aero Solutions

Have you heard about the most innovative new technology in the information age? Aero Solutions leverages the latest in automated flight to solve endless problems for its consumers. We specialize in building affordable unmanned aerial vehicles to bring another frontier to the marketplace. Control your vehicle via remote or program a controlled path to navigate with no need for supervision. Video surveillance, portable communications networks and affordable alternative to manned flight only scratch the surface of possibilities. Use our cutting edge technology and services to tackle issues not previously addressed. The opportunities are limitless!

JessicaBever – EE585 or ENTR668 – PIcnic Basket Catering

Looking for a new romantic adventure?  Can’t afford a vacation and want to make the best of your own backyard?  Planning a Bridal Shower for your best friend?  Want a festive way to enjoy a tailgate party at your favorite sporting event?  Make the best of a gorgeous sunset with our catered picnic baskets.  We offer a choice of various styles and sizes of picnics with your choice of goodies, from wine or gourmet coffee and snacks to nibble on to full course meals.  Orders can be selected online from pre-organized baskets or individually selected items from our menu.   Your picnic comes bundled up in your basket with essential dishes and utensils.  Baskets are also available to come equipped with chairs, gardening tools, or other equipment to provide for individuality of special occasions.  For rental or purchase, we offer pickup or delivery.  Our picnic baskets provide an affordable way to enjoy your outdoor or indoor experience in the privacy of your living room or even on the dining room floor. 

Phil Meikel — AE Grad student — RC aircraft controlled by brainwaves

The Aerospace Dept. is working on a project which would allow control of an aircraft simulation by means of manipulating brainwaves, then to program an autopilot system with this interface and fly a radio-controlled aircraft with only brainwaves. 

A team choosing this project would be expected to:

  • Interface the brainwave headset to a computer via a serial port connection
  • Develop code for the processing and filtering of brainwave data
  • Programming an RC autopilot to use the EEG interface and conventional flight controls