[Haymar-Phuong-Giang] – Final Project Proposal: [Motion Controlled RC Car]

Team Members:

  • Haymar Hliang
  • Phuong Nguyen
  • Giang Tran

Final Project Proposal

Our team is really optimistic about the motion controlled RC car. By the end of spring, we hope to have more than just a working car, but an actual marketable electronic toy. We feel that our project is can easily be marketed to consumers of all age group. We envision to have an aesthetically attractive glove that will help market the project. The glove will feature a re-wired circuit to cut down on wires and space. We also want to keep the glove’s weight to a minimum due to the fact of attaching a micro-controller(arduino), xbee, and a power source. We predict to have a couple more functioning RC car with different type of movements if our budget allows.

Team Structure

We are all seniors and expect to graduate sometime next year (spring, summer, or fall). We will be very busy with class, but we have devised a flexible schedule to work on the project:

  • we will meet/communicate daily (we will have at least 2-3 classes together)
  • we work as a team every friday
  • we will assign an individual with a small assignment(usually solving a problem we encounter)

Project Timeline

Phase Date Acceptable Good Excellent
Project Completion  5/4 Everything complete but have minor flaws(cosmetics) Everything works ready to sell Have more than 1 type of RC with motion control
Goal 6  
Goal 5  
Milestone 2  4/14  Finish rough draft  Finish report  & coding  No errors in code and no errors in essay
Goal 4  4/7  Finish code  Have excellent code with minimum bugs  Code works flawlessly
Goal 3  3/24  Start report (essay)  Have at least a rough draft  ready for final draft
Milestone 1  3/10  Survey consumers  Have actual stats from from 100 ppl  Gathered stats from different age group
Goal 2  2/25  Figure out speed control  Speed control is a function  Have a sensitive speed control code
Goal 1  2/11  Have working glove (can actually wear)  fully built glove with housing  finished glove with tucked wires and hidden micro controller
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