[DSSP] – Final Project Proposal: [Smart Mailbox for Smart Wheelchair]

Team Members:

  • Dipendra Khatiwada
  • Suman Gautam
  • Santosh Shrestha
  • Pravin Maharjan

Final Project Proposal

           We, “Team DSSP”, will be continuing working in our final project “Smart Mailbox for Smart Wheelchair” in next Spring semester.  Smart Wheelchair will have all functions such as getting notification on mail arrival, obstacle avoidance, and 3-D mapping.   The most important goal for this project will be to design cheap, affordable, and effective obstacle avoidance sensors.  This will help many disabled individuals to drive freely while remaining safe.  We will also be using a cheap android tablet as a display which will have an application containing all the commandsSome of the key points to our project are:

  • User-friendly to disable and handicap individuals
  • Basic and simple interface  
  • Android tablet will be used for display and to control other important functions (getting notifications for mailbox, navigation, etc.)
  • The final project will include our original idea of a smart mailbox 
  • Our product will have user guides included

Team Structure

           Each team mate will work at least 3-5 hrs a week. As a team, we will share our ideas and skills to get our project done throughout the semester. We will meet at least 3 days a week to work together and to keep our project in right track. We will be spending at least 7-9 hrs working together a week.

Project Timeline 






Project Completion


Project Completed with some minor bugs that needs to be fixed. Final Report submitted.

Project Completed with almost all parts working fine. Final report submitted.

Project completed completely without any trouble. Everything works perfectly. Final report submitted.

Goal 6


Test our project and fix bugs, start writing final report

 Test our project, final wrap up with some tolerance, start writing final report

 Test our project, works perfectly, final wrap up with no errors. Final report written

Goal 5


Still working on developing android app

Start putting all components and circuits together 

 Assembling all circuits and components together and in right way, test it

Milestone 2


Arduino and android working together

Almost done with our application development, android and arduino working together 

Application developed, android and arduino working together perfectly 

Goal 4


 Research on android and arduino working together

 Learning   android application development, connecting android and arduino

 Start developing android application and start making arduino and android work together

Goal 3


 Work on obstacle avoidance if we don’t get it done

 Research on other components that we will be adding such as tablet

 Get to know android and research on developing application for our final project

Milestone 1


 Obstacle avoidance works but needs attention

 Obstacle avoidance works with some bugs

 Obstacle avoidance works perfectly without any flaws

Goal 2


 Arrange all components we get, work on programming, study real wheelchair (if we get any)

 Try to figure out all the components we need, work on programming,  try to hack real wheelchair (if we get any)

 Get all components and start programming, successfully hack real wheelchair (if we get any)

Goal 1


 Looking for exact wheelchair, android tablet

 Hopefully find wheelchair to work on, find cheapest android tablet

Get wheelchair to Lab to work on, buy cheap and functioning android tablet. 

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